In this season the world is going through a lot of trials and tribulationsations. Many are tempted to stop, drop and just plum give up. But regardless of what is going on in your life and around you, you are still in the Father’s hands and also in His plans. So take courage beloved. Take heart stay in His presence and keep moving forward. You didn’t come this far to just come this far. This is a time for perseverance. So whatsoever it may be that is challenging you in this moment. We all, I can assure you, are going through in one way or another. The good news is we are more than conquerors, and can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So pick up your bed and walk if you have to, I penned this one for your aches and pains. Lord knows I’ve felt my fair share. And in it all I’ve learnt that He is faithful and able. May this song be as a encouragement to you. You can do it. It may seem as if its come to stop you, but go Beyond!



Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and Ordained Minister, Joshua McClain is a native of Grenada, Mississippi. At the age of 4, Joshua began to scribble words on paper and would share them with his mom. Joshua’s father prayed that his children would become singers, writers, preachers, and musicians. He didn’t know it then, but his prayers were already being answered. By the time he was 11, Joshua had written his first song, He’s a Deliverer, which  would later be sung by the Church of God in Christ’s District 8 Mass Choir. Joshua’s love for songwriting and music has produced other songs including Happy Day, Let It Flow, and Just Do it.

His most recent release, Beyond, is an anthem dedicated to the healing of our nation. Throughout his career, he has shared the stage with Donnie McClurkin and worked with other artist. His music is influenced by God and some of the gospel greats, including Kirk Franklin, Daryl Coley, The Clark Sisters, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, and Deitrick Haddon. Joshua’s vision is to be able touch lives through music and bring a message of healing to the broken and replenish hope. He doesn’t want to be just another gospel artist with just another hit but a voice that signals breakthrough in every area of a person’s life. Joshua resides in Brandon, Mississippi and has two beautiful daughters with his wife who he has been blessed to be married to for 17 wonderful years.

A true trailblazer in the making Joshua has been doing music for the masses and fulfilling his calling steadily and consistently. He has covered much ground in is gearing up to releasing new music geared towards this season. Stay tuned cause as the world is going through right now. He has been tasked with the message of Hope to encourage and empower, we didn’t come this far to stop no. Its Time to go Beyond!




Oh Oh Oh

I’m going beyond scars

I’m going beyond my tears

I can’t stay here no longer

I was not call here

I’m going beyond my scars

(My Scars)

My tears

(My Tears)

I can’t stay here no longer

I was not called here

So much pressures in life coming around me

(Pressures In This Life)

But I can’t stay in this place

I’ve gotta go beyond this thing

Beyond the call that God has called me to

(God has called me too)

Beyond all the fear I had to go through

(I Had Go Through It)

Beyond the scars and all my failures

I gotta press through lord (2x)

People will try to put you in a box

But they really can’t see your heart

They judge by the pain and all the

failures you went through

But they can’t see

The God In You

Beyond the call

Beyond this wall

I can’t stay here no longer

God is taking me higher (2x)

The call of God is on my life

The price that he paid for me is never ending

Walk In It

This call is by God